Mag Xavi (Barcelona, 1994) began in the mysterious world of magic at the age of 7 when he assisted a kid’s magic show. From then on, he has formed himself in an acting and creative way to set up his own magic show.

He has performed in many towns around Catalonia and on certain occasions in countries like USA, England and France. Dynamism, participation and the use of new technologies define his show. Music and the accurate production transform every trick into a magical experience.

Mag Xavi has become established as a professional in the show business sector performing in more than 500 different private (enterprises, first communion, birthday parties) and public events (theatres, town’s festivities, TV and radio).

His magic fills with enthusiasm an all age’s audience that vibrates during the whole show.


  • Awarded with the Karl Bucheli prize to the stage magician of the year 2014 (delivered by the Spanish Society of Magicians).
  • Actual member of the directive board of the ACAI-Spanish Society of Magicians.


  • Creator of the first Summer Magic Campus in Catalonia (Canal Olímpic)
  • Cooperation with enterprises like: Mercedes, Natura, HP, McDonalds, Orange, P&G, Flaixbac, Generalitat de Catalunya and many others.


TV performances in TV3, TELE 5, Super3, La siete, BTV, 25tv and NetherlandsTV
Complicity with the audience 100%
Humour 100%
Emotion and sensibility 80%
Originality and creativity 90%
Accurate production 88%
Precise music selection 90%

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XXI is a big magic production for theatres and town’s festivities. Big magical effects like: human appearances, levitations and human transportations adapted to our time. XXI is a multidisciplinary show where the fusion of magic, theatre and dance creates an innovative production that amazes the spectator. It’s an interactive show that astonishes and surprises an all age audience.

Duration: 1 hour

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iMagine is a magic production for theatres and town’s festivities. Its aim is to adapt magic routines to the XXIst century. Effects with iPads and twitter are combined with classical magic acts renewed. It’s an interactive show with the audience produced for entertaining and amazing an all age audience. A precise music selection and an accurate production move the spectator to a world where everything he imagines can come true. Are you prepared for seeing magic of the 21st century?

Duration: 1 hour

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Enigma breaks with the classical prototype of magician with top hat. Audience participation and humor are the basis of this show. Suitable for all private events (birthday parties, communions, marriages), Enigma can be adjusted to all ages and needs of the client.


Duration: 1 hour

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